(Actualizado 10/05/2017)

Web: http://www.sdu.dk/en/
Titulaciones: 233, 235, 239, 228
Código: DK ODENSE01
Coordinador UGR: vblanco@ugr.es
Nº plazas: 2
Nº meses: 10
Requisito de idioma: INGLES (C1)
Observaciones: TOEFL 575/230/88 – IELTS MIN. 6.5 / - CAE with a min. C or the CPE (the cae or cpe Orly accepted from Cambridge network). Alumnos ADE-Derecho solo asignaturas de ADE. Opción a master EMBS (180 CC Aprobados).


Información práctica de contacto.


Bachelor Programmes:
  • International Undergraduate Exchange Programme – Economics and Business Administration
  • International Undergraduate Exchange Programme – Environmental and Resource Management
  • International Undergraduate Exchange Programme – Cultural Sociology


Students are free to choose courses from all the programmes to make up their individual study programme.

Master Programmes:


As all the master programmes are taught in English, your students on exchange can follow the courses offered in the specific semester, where the students are enrolled at SDU.

For more information, please contact Int. Coordinator Anette Møller, Tel.: +45 6550 1502, e-mail: am@sdu.dk.