(Actualizado 11/05/2017)

Web: http://www.ul.ie/
Titulaciones: 233, 235, 236, 239, 228
Coordinador UGR: vferron@ugr.es

Nº plazas: 2
Nº meses: 9
Requisito de idioma: INGLES (B1)
Observaciones: Alumnos ADE-Derecho: sólo podrán cursar asignaturas de ADE. Se recomienda nivel B2 de inglés.


Información práctica de contacto.

Any students with special needs must complete a Disability form can be sent to them and they can register with our Disability Services here in the University of Limerick to establish if their needs can be met. Any grants for students with special needs that can be obtained from their own country, must be applied for well in advance of their Erasmus placement.

Please note, the subject area under which a student is nominated, is the area where they will need to take at least three modules/classes.

The university will e-mail the student(s) our application link and will c.c. the person(s) who nominated the student(s). Once the student(s) has applied through our link, the university will process the application(s) and e-mail the student(s) with their University of Limerick Student ID Number and further Erasmus information, again c.c.ing the person(s) who nominated the student(s).

Students’ queries can often be answered from our website – http://www.ul.ie/international/