(Actualizado 10/05/2017)
Universität Innsbruck-AUSTRIA
Web: http://www.uibk.ac.at/iww
Titulación: 235, 238, 239, 228
Coordinador UGR: miranda@ugr.es
Nº de plazas: 2
Nº de meses: 10
Idiomas: ALEMAN (B1), INGLES (B2)
Observaciones: alumnos de ADE-Derecho sólo podrán cursar asignaturas de ADE. Se recomienda buen nivel de idioma de instrucción.


Documents to send:
  • 1 Foto – passportsize
  • 1 Application for Admission (email – 2 signatures required)
  • 1 Nomination (completed, stamped and sigend by the coordinator – scan need to be sent to student)
  • 1 CV (at least 1 page - professional)
  • 1 Scan of passport or IDTranscript of Records (Master students only)

To observe the following rules:
  1. Please make desperatly sure, that the documents are correctly completed, signed and stamped
  2. Only scans from ORIGINAL documents will be accepted by the admission office.
  3. Send for each document 1 PDF BUT all files in 1 E-Mail
  4. Only PDF will be accepted – documents like jpeg (except the foto), etc. or more than one E-mail will not be processed by the admission office
  5. The Email should contain the following PDF documents:

  • Foto.jpeg / Foto.pdf
  • Application.pdf - Application for Admission (need to be sigened twice by the student)
  • Nomination.pdf (completed, stamped and sigend by the coordinator)
  • CV.pdf
  • ID.pdf
  • Master students: Transcript. pdf. In the email subject, please, write: „Application Innsbruck – #Student Name#“

  1. The student has to send the email with all the pdf files to: iww@uibk.ac.at
  2. As soon as we checked the documents of completeness, we will inform the coordinator and the student by email.
  3. Please note, in case if in the email documents (files) are missing, not completed, not send as aked, etc. the application will not be accepted and proceeded.

Please find all required information (application, introduction, academic calendar, info sheet, forms, housing, information, etc.) on our website: http://www.uibk.ac.at/iww/exchange-students/

For students: Be aware of the absence of your home coordinator (business trip, holiday, etc. - Spanish universities have closed in August). Your coordinator has to sign. Documents which arrive after the deadline can not be accepted

Online form: all students who want to study at the business faculty have to fill in our online form. If they have already sent different forms, they have to fill in our form again.

Master students: Please note, that we have only a limited number of places – especially Strategic Management – those student should read the master information on our homepage and should get in contact with the master coordinator as soon as possible . Banking and Finance Master students can apply for the winter semester only. In general master students can only apply for one semester.

nformation E-MAIL to students: As we had problems to send all information to the student directly in the past (we were told they did not receive the email, etc.), we kindly ask the home coordinators to forward this information to your nominated student(s) and to request her/him/them to read the items on our homepage carefully: http://www.uibk.ac.at/iww/exchange-students/
  • general information
  • school of management information
  • course information (module system, etc.)
  • nominated students (timetable, introduction and orientation week, etc.)
  • university facilties
  • check lists/downloads (application, housing, etc.)

Attention: Master students
If students are interested to apply for a master programme we would kindly request the students to study the master programme carefully and to read the prerequisites BEFORE they apply for the master programme. In case of questions they should contact the master coordinator indicated on the master site early enough. From experience of the two last semester, some students did not really read the information and wanted to change from master into bachelor programme when they registered at the admission office. This is not possible after they received the acceptance letter! Therefore we want to ask the students again to study first the programmes and discuss it with their coordinators before they apply.

If you want to make a closer look to the application procedure please click on the ³Nominated Students² section: http://www.uibk.ac.at/iww/exchange-students/nominated-students.html.en

ONLINE application / will be opened in April 2017
Winter Semester: closed
Summer Semester: closed

As soon as we receive all documents we will check them and will forward them to the admission office. We will inform the students and coordinators if the documents are fully completed and correct by email. The admission office decides about the acceptance and will issue/send the acceptance letter to the student.

winter semester -> 15th August
summer semester -> 15th January
No application can be accepted after the deadline!

winter semester -> - end of September
summer semester -> end of February

EXAM WEEK (for bachelor students)
  • winter semester -> mid of February
  • summer semester -> mid of July

TRANSCRIPTS will be sent
  • As winter semester -> March/April
  • summer semester -> August/September
  • winter & summer semester -> August/September

Should be applied as soon as possible
  • WS ­ June/July or earlier
  • SS ­ November/December or earlier

--> under ³Information for Coordinators²