Johann Wolfgang Goethe Uni. Frankfurt am Main (Alemania)

(Actualizado 10/05/2017)

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Titulaciones: 233, 235, 236, 239, 228, 139, 140, 128
Código: D FRANKFU01
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Nº plazas: 1
Nº meses: 9
Requisito de idioma: ALEMAN (B1), INGLES (B2)
Observaciones: Alumno de ADE-Deercho sólo podran cursasr asignaturas de ADE


The link to the student online application form will be sent via e-mail directly to the student/s starting in approx. Mid-April.

  • Winter term 2017/2018: lecture period: 16 October 2017 - 09 February 2018.

Deadline for complete “Application for Exchange Students” sent by postal mail: 15 June 2017.
In order to be complete, the application for exchange students needs to be signed by:
  1. the student
  2. the sending institution (representative at the faculty or the International Office).*

*By signing the application form, the sending university confirms that they have tested the student’s language skills and that they are appropriate for the course of study at Goethe University. The language of instruction at Goethe University is mostly German, only a limited number of courses is offered in English ( (e.g. faculty of Economics and Business Administration).

Extension of study period:
Please also check whether the duration of mobility (number of semesters) has been stated correctly by the student (see page 1 application form).

Erasmus+ students need to select the field of study of the cooperation between our universities on the application form. If students would like to take courses in a field of study outside of the established cooperation, they need to ask for permission at the respective faculty/ department.

Letter of Admission:
Students will receive the admissions letter - sent by post to the home address of the student – in February.It will include all necessary information regarding enrollment (=matriculation) as a guest student (two optional dates – beginning of September (Pre-semester German course participants) and beginning of October), including information about payment of the semester contribution that needs to be paid by all students. The semester contribution is not a tuition fee, but a social contribution to the Student Body Committees plus the costs of the semester ticket: The advantage of the semester ticket is that during the whole semester every student has free use of public transport within the area of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV). The student card (Goethe-Card) is valid as a ticket.

Students, who need to apply for visa, might need the admissions letter earlier. They may contact, in order to ask for a preliminary letter of admission. The preliminary letter can only be issued, once we have received the student’s application.

The application form for a room in a student residence – administered by Student Services (Studentenwerk) – will be made available to students through the online application portal (Mid-May). Unfortunately, every semester, there are far more applicants for student housing than there are rooms available. Therefore, no guarantee can be given that students will receive a room in student housing. Admission as an exchange student does not guarantee accommodation through the contingency.

The course catalogue for the winter term 2017/2018 will be available in approx. June/ July.
Students can check the course overview of the current semester (, in order to get a general impression of courses offered. For all academic questions, students need to contact the respective faculty/ department directly. Course registration at Goethe University is decentralized; students need to contact the faculty/ department in order to receive information on how to register for classes.
The Learning Agreement (Erasmus+) should be sent directly to the departmental coordinator of the ERASMUS cooperation (

Extension of study period for summer term 2018: Students need to contact the International Office of Goethe University by 15 December 2017. The earlier the extension of study period is finalized the better the chances that accommodation in student housing may be extended also. The re-enrollment period for the following semester ends one month before the term ends (preclusion period 28 February 2018). After that date students cannot re‑enroll for the summer term 2018.

Study period of more than one semester: Students need to re-enroll for every consecutive semester, they need to do so before deadline – set by the registrar’s office. If they fail to do so, they will be un-enrolled.

If students withdraw from the exchange, we ask you to please inform us right away, in order for us to delete their nomination/ registration.


La informacion puede haber cambiado

Información práctica de contacto

Julia Freier
International Office
Goethe-University Frankfurt a. Main
Senckenberganlage 31, 9th floor, room 906
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.:+49 69 798 25080
Fax.:+49 69 798 25081
( )

Una vez realizado las cuestiones burocráticas con la Sra. Julia Freier en la internationl office (por ejemplo: paga del carnét universitario (aproximadamente 250€) que incluye la movilidad en tren, tranvia, bus, cercanias y metros en el "Rhein-Main-Gebiet ( ), uno tendrá que ponerse en contacto con la international office de empresariales en concreto con el Sr. Lars Pilz. El Sr. Lars Pilz es quien confirmará el Learning Agreement y el acuerdo de estudios.
Lars Pilz
Westend, Recht und Wirtschaft 1.247
(el edificio Recht und Wirtschaft (RuW) se encuentra en el campus Westend (
En el Google-Maps no aparece el RuW, pero se encuentra al lado del House of Finance.


Es importante tener un nivel alto en alemán, ya que la mayoría no habla inglés.


Opciones de alojamiento (residencias, pisos, zonas recomendadas). Páginas web o direcciones de utilidad. Otros consejos

Las plazas en las residencias se cubren muy pronto. Por tanto uno tendrá que buscar un piso compartido que se encuentran en toda la ciudad repartidas. Precios variables (250€-450€)

Coste de la vida

Es un 20% superior al de España.

Guía de viaje para los estudienates

Guide for Visiting Students (