(Actualizado 11/05/2017)

Web: www.his.se/english, exchangestudent@his.se
Código: S SKOVDE01
Titulaciones: 233, 235, 239, 228, 139, 140, 128
Coordinador UGR: davidepstein@ugr.es
Nº de plazas: 2
Nº de meses:9
Requisito: INGLES (B1), SUECO
Observaciones: alumnos de ADE-Derecho solo podrán cursar asignaturas de ADE. Recomendable B2 de ingles. Preferentemente optativas.


The application deadline is also the same as before: April 15. We will contact the nominated students and send them detailed information about the application procedure.

Applications via e-mail are no longer accepted. Instead, all applications must be submitted via the national Swedish university application service, www.universityadmissions.se. We will instruct your students on how to create an account on this website, how to submit their application and the required documents. We have a new application form (“Course Selection Form”) and we also ask you to confirm your students English abilities in a different way. The student needs to fill out a self-assessment of English language proficiency (“English Proficiency Certificate”) that also must be signed by a university official. Students applying to master´s level courses must demonstrate their English eligibility by submitting an internationally recognized English test. We strongly recommend that they have a proficiency corresponding to the following test results: IELTS – 6,5; TOEFL – 90 (internet-based) or 575 (paper-based).

In short, the new application process consists of the following two steps:

Application Step 1: Course Selection Form and supporting documents

  1. 1. The Course Selection Form is available on our website
  2. 2. After filling out the Course Selection Form, the student must download the document
  3. 3. The student needs to fill out our English Proficiency Certificate, available on our website
  4. 4. All supporting documents must be prepared and scanned in pdf-format

Please note that it is in the Course Selection Form that the students states which courses they want to apply to.

Application Step 2: Submitting the application via universityadmissions.se

The student must:
  1. 1. Create an account on universityadmissions.se
  2. 2. Activate the application
  3. 3. Apply to the course “Exchange Studies at University of Skövde
  4. 4. Verify and confirm the selected course
  5. 5. Upload the Course Selection Form and other supporting documents
  6. 6. Write down the application number that appears on the screen
  7. 7. Finally, the student should send an e-mail to exchangestudent@his.se (including the student´s name and application number) to notify us that the application has been submitted.

- The students can log into their account at universityadmissions.se at any time
- To process an application will take approximately six to eight weeks
- We will notify when the student´s application has been processed
- A notification of selection results will be available online at universityadmissions.se as a printable pdf-file. We will not send the admissions result by e-mail
- The students can find the admission results by logging into their account at universityadmissions.se