Fachhochschule Osnabrück
Web: www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de

Titulaciones: 140, 128, 228, 233, 235
Código: D OSNABRU02
Coordinador/a UGR:
Nº plazas: 2
Nº meses: 9
Requisito de idioma: ALEMAN INGLES (B2)



The following order is suggested:

1. Application for admission as visiting student
2. Application for reservation of an accommodation (optional, but strongly recommended), best after the e-mail with the confirmation of acceptance as visiting student has been received
3. Registration for pre-sessional German language school (optional)
4. First selection of modules in online learning agreement


Your application will be forwarded to our Student Affairs Office to prepare your re-enrolment. They will upload a certification of enrolment ("Immatrikulationsbescheinigung") for the new semester for you in the portal OSCA -http://osca.hs-osnabrueck.de - "Postfach für Dokumente" (= mailbox for documents). Please check your OSCA mailbox at the beginning of the next term or contact Ms. Ina Müller-Schlicht: i.mueller-schlicht@hs-osnabrueck.de

Please keep your campus card for the next semester, but do not forget to update it at the validation station in the AC building (close to Student Affairs Office in AF) at the beginning of the semester (summer: as of March 1) so that the semester ticket will be activated for the next term and the new semester dates will be printed on it. Read also http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/campuscard-hochschule-osnabrueck.html?&L=1.

As an exchange student from a partner university of OS UAS, the semester fees are waived for you.


Please do not forget to submit a new learning agreement also for the second term. This must again be done online in your IFO student account via:http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/learning-agreement.html?&L=1, during the activation period: 15.11.2015 - 05.01.2016

The learning agreement will have to be finalised during the period: 15.03.2016 - 08.04.2016.

The course catalogue for visiting students, the admission requirements for the modules, the module descriptions, information on the workload etc. are available at:http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/lehrangebot-gaststudierende.html?&L=1

The lectures will start on: 07.03.2016. A detailed academic calendar is available at:http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/akademischer-kalender.html?&L=1

Examinations failed in the past semester can be repeated during the examination period of the next term in Osnabrück (dates can be gathered from the attached academic calendar). Read also: http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/pruefungen-gaststudierende.html?&L=1


If not already done, you can now also apply for the extension of your rent agreement or for changing the room or dormitory on the website:


Please observe the requirements and the application periods stated there. If you do not apply or contact the housing service within the given deadlines, they will assume that you do not want to book accommodation via our university anymore, and your current room will be given to another student. For any query please contact: housing@hs-osnabrueck.de.


In case your buddy of the last semester does not have time to take care of you anymore during the next term and if you wish to have a new one to assist you, please contact our IFO tutor: incoming@wi.hs-osnabrueck.de.


For details on the further application procedure, please go to: http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/bewerbungsverfahren-gaststudierende.html?&L=1

Useful information on study and life in Germany - e. g. course catalogue, academic calendars, insurances, costs and financing, campus card, the latest handbook for international students, etc. - is, like before, always available on the Internet at:http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/incoming-students.html?&L=1


Your students can gather further information for a stay in Osnabrück (course catalogue, modules in English, module descriptions, academic calendars, photo impressions, etc.) from the website:http://www.wiso.hs-osnabrueck.de/incoming-students.html